Who We Are

A work team distinguished by knowledge, experience and professional ethics includes a group of competent experts and consultants with practical experience in the legal field specialized in the Saudi and Gulf jurisdictions

Combined with academic and international expertise, providing legal services to our clients according to the highest local and international standards and as per our visions and core values.

we win court cases…We’re Built for Change… Briefly Speaking, We’re the Best.

About Aljubairi

Our Mission

Al Jubairi Law Firm is committed to protect the rights of its clients in accordance to the objectives of Islamic Law and the provisions of Saudi law by providing a distinguished and integrated legal work that conforms to the company’s vision and conforms to the standards of work quality and efficiency, innovation and distinction, to grant us not only client’s satisfaction, but also exceeded their expectations.

At Al Jubairi Law Firm, we pride ourselves on quick respond to the needs of our clients and their companies, providing appropriate advice, innovative legal solutions and adequate advice at all times, based on our understanding of their individual business needs and on our desire to maintain outstanding reputation for service delivery.

Our Values

Al Jubairi Law Firm believes in the need to provide the highest quality of legal work, which can only be achieved within a set of core values:

  • Transparency.
  • Distinction.
  • Commitment.
  • Integration of Legal Work.

Our Vision

Al Jubairi Law Firm seeks to ensure the highest quality of legal work in various fields through the use of distinguished individual expertise, skills and competencies, within a distinguished team that provides various legal services, which comply with Islamic law and applicable laws.


General Services

  • Judicial and legal representation

    Al Jubairi Law Firm has a distinguished team of legal advisors who are able to represent clients and follow their cases before the various judicial and semi-judicial bodies, dispute settlement committees, judicial investigation bodies and governmental and semi-governmental bodies. The Group also has a distinguished legal team through which it can provide its clients, individuals, companies and bodies with specialized legal advisers and lawyers for judicial and general legal representation and for all judicial and legal matters related to them.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    In compliance with the rules of the profession, Al Jubairi Law Firm, with its specialized advisors to practice mediation and negotiation, and in response to the desire of clients to resort to alternative means of dispute resolution and moral approach, we always seek to resolve disputes by alternative means before resorting to the judiciary.

  • Commercial Papers

    Al Jubairi Law Firm offers the best legal advice to deal with commercial papers, starting with their release and ending with the right procedures to fulfill the right through them, and instituting proceedings before all judicial and quasi-judicial bodies related to commercial paper claims.

  • Contract drafting

    Al Jubairi Law Firm, by specialists and consultants prepares and draft contracts for all activities whether construction contracts, contracting, real estate investment contracts, corporate contracts, labor contracts, contracts for transport, energy, rents, etc., such as civil, commercial and administrative contracts and providing legal advice thereon.

  • Personal Status, inheritance and Waqf

    On the basis of personal status issues and their sensitivity, Al Jubairi law Firm seeks to offer legal advice on all legal aspects related to matters of personal status, marriage, divorce, eligibility, jurisdiction, custody, commandment, inheritance, Waqf, and inheritance disputes.

  • Administrative disputes

    Al Jubairi Law Firm has the experience and ability to provide legal work on all aspects related to administrative disputes. The most important legal services it provides in this field, providing legal advice on the legality of administrative decisions issued by the administrative bodies, appeals against administrative decisions, representing clients before administrative courts, audit and control of administrative contracts.

  • Zakat and Taxes

    Al Jubairi Law Firm provides its clients with a range of legal services related to Zakat and taxes with related parties, solving legal problems related thereto, and submitting objections and appeals to the competent judicial committees.

  • Authentication

    Al Jubairi Law Firm based on the trust granted to its founder, Musaed Al Jubairi, and the authorization issued by the Ministry of Justice to carry out the authentication and approval of establishing of commercial companies contracts and its amended appendixes, documenting contracts of the sale of real estate and emptying, issuance and dissolving of agencies, documenting rental contracts, financial clearances, declarations of attendance and fines, documenting the waiver contracts, trademarks, patents and copyright.

  • Debt Management

    We approach and manage the debts of our clients with highly professional and capable hands to negotiate and manage the dialogue, drawing on the great legacy of the experience of our negotiators for the interest of our clients.

  • Studies and consultations

    We prepare legal studies in accordance with the applicable regulations, and provide all consultations in various cases and business, in legal terms.

  • Certified Translation

    Al Jubairi Law Firm provides certified translation services in all types of English, Arabic, and vice versa, for all types of documents, contracts, agreements.

Services of Business Sector

  • Corporate and Commercial Affairs

    Al Jubairi Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in the field of providing legal services related to all types of companies, starting procedures for obtaining licenses for branches of foreign companies in Saudi Arabia and the amendment of contracts and advertising companies, amendment of the activity of companies after the establishment, conversion, incorporation and representation of Saudi and foreign companies inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provide legal advice to them, interpretation of laws and to overcome the difficulties of work and the formulation and interpretation of contracts.

  • Real estate

    Al Jubairi Law Firm supports all real estate investment sectors and provides integrated services throughout the life cycle of real estate. The most important of these services is the resolution of real estate disputes, including litigation and arbitration, providing legal advice for the regulation and amendment of real estate contracts such as real estate finance, real estate development, real estate acquisition, contracts of joint real estate projects, real estate rental contracts of various types, representing local, regional and international companies specialized in the management, operation and maintenance of hotels, resorts and commercial establishments, drafting all related to instrument agreements, operation and maintenance, completion of legal procedures for transfer and registration of real estate ownership, title deeds, representation of clients in claims for expropriation compensation, and property revaluation claims.

  • Insurance

    Due to our legal and practical experience in the field of insurance, Al Jubairi Law Firm offers legal services to the insurance sector in Saudi Arabia, whether for companies or individuals. The most prominent of these services provide legal opinion and advice regarding insurance coverage of various types.

  • Securities

    Al Jubairi Law Firm provides legal advice related to debt and large rights transactions, including public and private placement, rights of preference, Islamic bonds, government bonds, corporate bonds and derivatives.

    We provide advices on all aspects of money market transactions.

  • Labor and Workers

    We have the legal staff with the experience and ability to provide legal work on all aspects related to labor and workers issues, representing clients in all labor issues, taking all legal procedures for termination of employment, determining legal entitlements, providing legal advice to employers and workers, drafting and amending collective and individual employment contracts and corporate internal work systems.

  • Energy

    Our expertise in energy and environmental challenges extends to all technologies from coal-fired plants to gas-fired and hydroelectric power plant and power projects. We have legal expertise for each stage of the project, starting from the field development contract to the construction and then to final production, so our group is representing the different persons ,bodies and companies related to various branches of energy.

  • Transportation

    Due to the different laws between the country of shipment and the country of discharge, in addition to the existence of several models of contracts of transport, which gives special importance to the legal work that we provide in this area, Al Jubairi law firm provides legal services to all companies engaged in air transport, sea and land.

  • Banks

    When we address the work of banks, it means that the accuracy and privacy and find a variety of traditional and non-traditional solutions to disputes arising in this sector to preserve the rights and legal protection to our clients. Therefore, the focus was on the distinctive competencies of the advisers who have long experience in the banking business.

    The legal work provided by Al Jubairi Law Firm in the field of banking, is the consultation and representation of clients in all banking disputes, banks' actions, legal claims arising from loans, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, all credit contracts and other legal services related to the work of banks.

  • Investment

    The geographical and economic location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes it an ideal area to be a receiving station for investments coming from all over the world, including taking advantage of the infrastructure projects carried out by the Kingdom.
    Al Jubairi Law Firm has extensive experience in providing legal services to foreign companies seeking to invest in the Kingdom. Our group is also working to support Saudi companies that receive investment from their allies outside Saudi Arabia. We support our clients at every stage of their investment projects.
    In compliance with the rules of the profession, Al Jubairi Law Firm has a number of specialized consultants who are accredited to practice arbitration, headed by the certified arbitrator Saud Al Jubairi. In response to the desire of the litigants to resort to alternative means of dispute resolution such as commercial mediation and arbitration in all disputes that may be legally settled by alternative means of dispute resolution, including commercial, real estate, labor disputes, and disputes related to intellectual property rights.

  • Arbitration

    In compliance with the rules of the profession, Al Jubairi Law Firm.
    As elected professional and specialized consultants are accredited in practicing of arbitration, and with the headed of them certified arbitrator Musaed Saud Al Jubairi, and due to the desire of some disputed parties to resort to alternative methods to resolve disputes, such as commercial legally dissolved and arbitration, in all disputes which may be legally dissolved by alternative resolution methods, such as commercial, real estate, labor, and disputes relating to intellectual property rights.

  • Intellectual property

    Intellectual Property refers to the work of creative thought. On our part, we work closely with our clients to develop, manage and protect their intellectual property, rights and benefits, including license agreements and complementary agreements.
    Al Jubairi Law Firm provides integrated services on behalf of our clients for their products and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, including registration of trade names, patents, industrial designs and trademarks, drafting of all copyright and related rights and all consultancy related to intellectual property.

  • Construction and contracting

    Al Jubairi Law Firm has the expertise and capabilities to provide legal consultancy services related to construction projects, engineering contracting, and follow-up all legal affairs related to projects and related contracts, from the initial stages of the project until its completion.

Come to Al Jubairi law firm, and let’s get it done

Pillars of Distinction

Since its establishment, Al Jubairi Law Firm has concentrated to establish a firm not only a traditional firm or office practicing law, but also it is keen to have elements and pillars that allow it to excel and move towards greater horizons of creative work.

In addition to our vision of work quality, our values and our team of highly qualified expertise and skills, we are desirous to excel through the following:

  • We have more than one branch in the Kingdom, in addition to our branch in Bahrain, which allow to the lawyers to attend hearings or follow up the case and procedures.
  • We have a professional partnership with a number of law firms worldwide, giving us the advantage of providing legal services in the event that the company has a case or legal advice in another country or for a member of the company outside the Kingdom.

The legal minutes of Al Jubairi firm is calculated as 100 minutes.

We receive clients’ requests and inquiries via phone or email, 7/24, including public holidays through the “Coordination Section”.


Based on our belief in the crucial role an advocate performs in achieving the objectives of justice and public interest while maintaining the utmost humanitarian and ethical values, we established “Al Jubairi Law Firm”. Our goal is for our firm to become the ideal representative for clients, by providing them with the needed legal services in government establishments and other entities, in order to accomplish their most needed legal justice.

“Al Jubairi Law Firm” boasts competence through an especially dedicated team to offer viable advice to clients relevant to their legal rights and obligations, helping them in every possible way and protecting their interests. We strive to extend our role in supporting the prosecution practices in order to serve our clients in the most beneficial ways as per the legislations of law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Musaed Saud Al Jubairi
Lawyer, Notary and Certified International Arbitrator